RNews Digest: 7 January 2019

RNL editorial staff |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Nurse denied life insurance because she carries naloxone
Kaiser Health News,
 Martha Bebinger, 14 December 2018
A nurse’s life insurance was denied because her medication list showed a prescription for the opioid-reversal drug naloxone. She carries the drug to be ready in case she needs to rescue people who overdose.

Tips to managing conflict well on the job
Robert G. Hess Jr., 21 December 2018
Dr. Marin was surrounded. The once sedate critical care committee, which comprised eight tight-knit physicians and no one else, now had a membership that included two nurses.

Generation Z nurses bring new perspective to healthcare
 Lisette Hilton, December 2018
Generation Z, born 1995 to now, might be finishing nursing school or just beginning their nursing careers. This generation represents 20 percent of today’s population and is the most technology-savvy of generational age groups. They also are natural entrepreneurs.

Top 6 New Year’s resolutions for healthcare professionals
Advance Healthcare Network, Krystina Ostermeyer, 2 January 2019
As healthcare professionals, perhaps we’re aiming too high with our resolutions. Maybe we don’t need to achieve perfect care of our patients, lose 80 pounds, work out seven days per week while working six 12-hour shifts, and maintain our sanity.

Looking back at 2018
AJN (Editorial), Maureen Shawn Kennedy, January 2019
As critical as the top issues from 2017 continue to be, they were overshadowed in the spring when the U.S. federal government instituted a policy of separating children from parents apprehended crossing the U.S.–Mexico border. However, as we begin 2019, I believe there is cause for optimism.

Stethoscopes loaded with bacteria, including staph
CBS News, Ashley Welch, 13 December 2018
The stethoscope is one of the most important and perhaps the most recognizable of all tools used by healthcare professionals. But new research finds they are often crawling with bacteria, including some germs that can cause serious infections.

Be yourself, nurses—everyone else is taken
Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway (Blog), Keith Carlson, 31 December 2018
Whether you feel like an impostor or your career has grown stale, there's nothing you can be other than yourself. If you're trying terribly hard to be just like someone else, you may end up missing the mark.

How to offer palliative care in oncology outpatient clinics
HealthLeaders Media, Christopher Cheney, 3 January 2019
Providing palliative care at outpatient oncology clinics improves clinical outcomes and reduces costs. Nurses play the key role in a new model.

Top 5 nurse leadership issues for 2019
HealthLeaders Media, Jennifer Thew, 28 December 2018
Five issues will likely garner the attention of CNOs in 2019, ranging from recruitment and retention to employee engagement. 

Safety starts with self when it comes to giving chemo
AJN Off the Charts (Blog), Shawn Kennedy, 4 January 2019
Today, there are clear recommendations for using personal protective equipment like gloves and gowns when administering chemo. Yet, surprisingly, many nurses—even pregnant nurses—don’t follow them.

Iran’s nursing population far below world average
Tehran Times, 6 January 2019
The population of nursing personnel in Iran is one quarter of the world average. In many countries, nurses and midwives constitute more than 50 percent of the national health workforce. Globally, it is estimated that by 2030, the shortage of nurses and midwives will reduce from 9 million to 7.6 million, but the shortage in the African and Eastern Mediterranean Regions will actually worsen. RNL

—Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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