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RNews Digest: 8 May 2019

RNL editorial staff |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Beyond the food and tchotchkes: A challenge for Nurses Week
Campaign for Action, Diana J. Mason and Barbara Glickstein, 9 April 2019
Today’s nurses are better educated, enjoy modernized scope of practice laws in some states, and are being appointed to more boards, task forces, and other advisory bodies. But we’re falling short in one critical area: visibility in health news media

Doctors need to regain patients’ trust. Nurses can help them do that
STAT, Haider Warraich, 6 May 2019
Only one-third of Americans say they have a great deal of trust in physicians, down from around two-thirds in the 1970s. This lack of trust is leading to a burgeoning appetite for medical misinformation. I believe that my physician colleagues and I should learn from the most trusted professionals in America for 16 straight years: nurses.

For three years her skin ulcers and pain would flare, then vanish, stumping doctors. Her daughter, a nurse, finally figured it out.
The Washington Post, Sandra G. Boodman, 20 April 2019
Kimberly Ho, a newly minted nurse just off a 12-hour overnight shift, struggled to focus on a presentation about working with sexually traumatized children. As the picture of a skin infection flashed on the screen, the 22-year-old snapped to attention.

Wirral hospital staff afraid to go to work
WirralGlobe, Tom Houghton, 13 April 2019
Staff at Arrowe Park Hospital (UK) say they dread coming to work and have trouble sleeping after shocking allegations of “widespread” bullying were revealed. The claims have been made by both an experienced nurse and the former interim head of governance.

Nationwide shortage of school nurses may be putting kids’ lives at risk
CBS News, 11 April 2019
The role of the school nurse is more critical than ever, with a quarter of all young children suffering chronic illnesses such as asthma and diabetes. Over the past several years, multiple children have died after facing medical emergencies in their schools when no nurse was on duty.

How Rwanda could be the first country to wipe out cervical cancer
Mosiac, Sophie Cousins, 7 May 2019
The East African country’s campaign to end cervical cancer through the HPV vaccine has had to overcome cultural taboos and rumors about infertility—but it’s saving lives. Nurses have been involved in cervical cancer screening and home visits to educate parents about the vaccination.

Should adults get a measles booster shot?
The New York Times, Donald G. McNeil Jr., 30 April 2019
According to the World Health Organization, France had 2,913 cases of measles last year, Italy had 2,686, Britain had 953, and the United States had 704. Any group with a slightly elevated risk of encountering the virus, including healthcare workers, should consider getting a measles-mumps-rubella shot.

Measles outbreak brings attention to need for vaccine education, Lisette Hilton, 2 May 2019
Measles is making headlines, as nurses and other frontline care providers battle to care for infected patients and prevent the disease’s spread.

Nurses Week: A time to reflect on the incredible work nurses do
AJN Off the Charts (Blog), Shawn Kennedy, 3 May 2019
The Nurses Week theme this year as set by the ANA, “4 Million Reasons to Celebrate,” points to our numbers. I appreciate the concept, but I’m not in love with this theme—I don’t think our numbers are what make us worth celebrating.

Special concerns in treating LGBTQ patients with cancer
Oncology Nursing News, Brielle Benyon, 21 April 2019
LGBTQ individuals often face stigma, disparities, and barriers to care that can affect their healthcare experiences. These individuals have lower rates of health insurance coverage, are more likely to have an income at or below 139% of the federal poverty level, and may have more risk factors.

Caught in the crossfire: Urgent needs in north-east Syria
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 29 April 2019
Vulnerable civilians have been caught in the crossfire as hostilities have intensified in north-eastern Syria. UNFPA has recruited an emergency team with two surgeons, paramedics, and nurses to support United Nations response teams and deployed health professionals from Damascus to provide specialized sexual and reproductive health care. RNL

 —Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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