RNews Digest: 8 December 2017

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Family caregivers need our help—and now it's the law
AJN, Maureen Shawn Kennedy, December 2017
I recall listening to focus groups of caregivers, in which a common theme was that nurses didn't seem to have time to teach caregivers how to do certain tasks or to answer questions. The caregivers’ stories of trying—and often failing—to find someone to show them what to do were often heartbreaking.

Nursing journeys: From beauty queen to nursing dean
Campaign for Action, 8 December 2017
Now the dean of the college of health at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia, Lisa Eichelberger encourages nurses to “dream big.”

Blood test may help predict which breast cancers will recur
STAT, 8 December 2017
A blood test five years after breast cancer treatment helped identify some women who were more likely to relapse, long before a lump or other signs appeared. It was the largest experiment so far to use these tests, called liquid biopsies, for breast cancer.

Integrating strong emotions as a developing nurse
AJN Off the Charts, Hui-Wen (Alina) Sato, 8 December 2017
Perhaps what will help students most over time is an ability to be self-aware of strong work-related emotions, even grief, and a freedom as a growing nurse to work through these feelings with colleagues and loved ones.

Sleep vs. exercise?
The New York Times, Karen Weintraub, 8 December 2017
Is it better for my overall health to get eight hours of sleep per night during the week but not have time to exercise, or to get six and a half to seven hours of sleep per night and fit in a morning workout?

Nurse, 80, retires after 58 years in the operating room
ABC News, 4 December 2017
Sandra Glatfelter remembers a time when surgical gloves were reused and stitches were sewn with ordinary silk thread, but as technology changed the field, Glatfelter remained a constant. The reason, she said, was her love of the operating room's urgency.

Doctors talk about ethical decisions, surgery on conjoined twins
Association of Health Care Journalists, Gideon Gil, 8 December 2017
The twin girls were joined at the abdomen and pelvis. They had two heads and four arms, but three legs. They had two hearts, but shared a liver, a bladder, and other organs. The girls had been born nearly two years earlier in a village in Africa.

For a healthier nation, let’s look to nurses!
RWJF Culture of Health Blog, Paul Kuehnert, 30 November 2017
From the time of Florence Nightingale, nurses have applied a holistic approach toward treating patients within the context of their communities. Today, this approach entails promoting and practicing population health.

Did diet pills kill my co-worker and friend?
KevinMD.com (Blog), Jennifer Bradley, 4 December 2017
Being thin was so important to Taylor that she consumed diet pills she purchased online, despite the disapproval of her primary doctor. Even her knowledge as a seasoned nurse spoke against this. But I guess the influence of the “Barbie Body” craze was much too strong for my friend to fight.

Mass casualty education needed for nurses, academic says
The Sydney Morning Herald, Pallavi Singhal, 3 December 2017
Instead of going to class, about 140 nursing students were called to look after dozens of patients who were severely injured after a roof collapse at an 18th birthday party and a hospital fire in an aged-care ward. Injuries were similar to what nurses would encounter in a global terrorism or extreme climate incident.

6 stories of false accusations and the aftermath
Scrubs, Michael Harbron, 7 December 2017
We recount six cases where nurses have been wrongly accused, fired, or forced to resign. What was most important was highlighting the aftermath—the psychological effects that can scar someone for life. RNL

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