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RNews Digest: 7 June 2019

RNL editorial staff |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Professional organizations—Why should you join?
GW Nursing, Richard Ricciardi, 30 May 2019
Participation in professional organizations has substantially shaped my career and has provided me with opportunities to not only become a more productive, informed, and engaged nurse but also a more thoughtful and globally connected individual citizen.

Nurses always have known the medical value of compassion
The Inquirer (Opinion), Beth Ann Swan, 18 May 2019
According to the Woodhull Study Revisited, by Diana Mason and Barbara Glickstein, registered nurses’ clinical expertise is accompanied by unique perspectives on health, illness, and healthcare. But the public is not benefiting enough from the compassion, wisdom, and insight that nurses can provide because doctors are the go-to sources for media.

Nurses: The hidden healthcare professionals
The Sydney Morning Herald,
 Kylie Ward, 21 May 2019
Nurses in Australia are leaders in identifying challenges and solutions, implementing practice advancements, and researching healthcare issues. But if you read news stories, you would be forgiven for thinking nurses either don’t exist or, at the very least, have nothing constructive to contribute to the healthcare conversation.

Continuing challenges for health workers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
HealthCetera (Blog), Diana J. Mason/Elie Kasindi Kabululu, 22 May 2019
Infection control nurse Elie Kasindi Kabululu writes about efforts by the Democratic Republic of the Congo Ministry of Health, WHO, and other partners in dealing with the complicated Ebola outbreak. Kabululu’s wife was under observation for 21 days because she had been in close contact with a physician who died of Ebola.

Danger ahead: Privacy concerns with high-tech caregiving devices
Next Avenue, Chris Farrell, 30 May 2019
The promise in the innovations spawned by the emerging digital caregiving ecosystem (largely centered in the home) is powerful. But so are the privacy perils.

For nurses, trauma can come with the job
The New York Times, Emilie Le Beau Lucchesi, 7 May 2019
As many as one in four nurses experience PTSD at some point in their careers. The American Nursing Association and other organizations are calling for more research into the topic, in the hopes of better identifying who is at risk.

Staff shortages 'abusing good will of nurses'
BBC News, Nick Triggle, 20 May 2019
The good will of nurses in England is being abused by politicians who have failed to get to grips with a desperate shortage of staff, nurse leaders say.

Report: Nurses eager to address needs of communities, but they can’t do it alone
DailyNurse (Blog), 16 May 2019
A new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation looks into how nurses can help boost health and well-being for all Americans. Data shows that nurses are concerned about being held back by outdated nursing education, staffing shortages, and lack of resources.

2019 innovation issue: Hospitals move cautiously into AI
Indianapolis Business Journal, John Russell, 31 May 2019
The medical field’s lofty dreams of unleashing the power of artificial intelligence have yet to materialize in a major way. “There’s still a resistance among healthcare across the nation to not let the computer make the decisions for the providers,” says Charles Randolph, a nurse and director of clinical informatics at Franciscan Health.

International Council of Nurses and Nursing Now welcome 2020 as International Year of the Nurse and Midwife
ICN, 24 May 2019
2020 will be the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. For the first time in history, the nations of the world will unite in celebration of the benefits that nursing and midwifery bring to the health of the global population. RNL

—Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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