RNews Digest: 31 August 2018

RNL editorial staff |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Athlete 'dies' at workout: How 3 Syracuse nurses in right place, right time saved him
Syracuse.com, Patrick Lohmann, 27 August 2018
Greg O'Polka, 54, who works out at least five times a week and eats healthy, suffered a massive heart attack on August 10. The quick thinking of three nurses saved his life.

Nursing Now: Insight into the Family Nurse Partnership model
The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland, 31 August 2018
Anne Burns works for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and has been one of the people at the forefront of implementing the Family Nurse Partnership model. Her job involves what she describes as “a structured intensive home visiting programme” for young mums aged 19 and under having their first baby.

SANE nurse shortfall is a national issue
Nurse.com, Marcia Frellick, August 2018
A nationwide shortage of nurses specially trained to work with people who have been sexually assaulted means access to optimal care varies geographically.

The end of summer is nearly here: Use those vacations
AJN Off the Charts (Blog), Shawn Kennedy, 31 August 2018
More than half of Americans leave vacation days unused. But it’s important to take vacation time—and not just an extra day tacked on to a weekend. A vacation can recharge your energy and return you to work refreshed (a caveat: vacations can be stressful if not planned well).

Nurses feel more prepared after active shooter simulation
HealthLeaders Media, Jennifer Thew, 29 August 2018
Following an improvement initiative, emergency nurses reported an increased knowledge of how to handle an active shooter incident.

Nurses helped make us understand domestic violence as a serious health issue
The Washington Post, Erin Blakemore, 18 August 2018
Even though intimate-partner violence has long been all too common, it hasn’t always been considered a serious health issue. Passionate nurses helped change that. “Confronting Violence: Improving Women’s Lives,” a traveling exhibition produced by the National Library of Medicine, brings their work to life.

Have we gone soft on obesity?
Advance Healthcare Network, Diane M. Goodman, 22 August 2018
Maybe, to stop the bullying and ease the pain of “not fitting in,” the Body Positivity Movement and similar organizations focused too much on allowing women of all sizes to feel better about themselves, when they could have also been emphasizing the importance of healthy choices and healthy decision-making to families.

The crazy aunt or the nurse
AJN, Tonja Padgett, August 2018
I learned that, for that time in my life, I was not the nurse. I was the aunt; this was my family; the nurses were taking care of my nephew; and we were the ones who needed comfort. I would be the nurse a different day.

Earwax, of all things, poses unrecognized risk in long-term care
Kaiser Health News, JoNel Aleccia, 29 August 2018
Julie Brown, assistant director of nursing in a Nebraska memory support unit, said impacted earwax can be a particular problem for patients with dementia. It exacerbates hearing loss, which can impede communication and worsen aggression and other difficult behaviors. RNL

—Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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