RNews Digest: 27 October 2017

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News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Why nerds and nurses are taking over the U.S. Economy
The Atlantic, Derek Thompson, 26 October 2017
The fastest-growing jobs belong to what one might call the Three Cs: care, computers, and clean energy. Personal care aides, home health aides, registered nurses, medical assistants, and nursing assistants account for almost one-fifth of the net new jobs to be created by 2026.

Millennials embrace nursing profession—just in time to replace baby boomers
Kaiser Health News, 27 October 2017
The trend could be associated with economic factors. Millennials came of age during a period of deep economic uncertainty. Nursing generally offers stable earnings and low unemployment.

Depressed nurses make more medical errors
HealthLeaders Media, Alexandra Wilson Pecci, 25 October 2017
One study published last year showed that RNs suffer from depression at almost twice the rate of people in other professions. Now, new research is linking depression among nurses to a significant uptick in medical errors.

Social media as a leadership tool for nurse executives
Nursing Economic$, Christine Flury, September-October 2017
Like many nurse leaders, I was reluctant and intimidated by the world of social media. It was not until I incorporated social media into my Nurse Executive Technology Toolkit for my DNP project that I began to understand and embrace social media as another powerful tool for leaders.

Telemedicine is forcing doctors and nurses to learn 'webside' manner.
Wired, Robbie Gonzales, 26 October 2017
A 12-year-old with end stage cancer had breathing problems. Her father asked the hospice nurse to come. It was a two-hour drive for the nurse. Why don’t we connect over FaceTime? she asked.

Nontraditional nursing careers: Where there is no box
Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway (Blog), Keith Carlson, 23 October 2017 I have nothing against hospital nursing, but there's more to our profession than meets the eye, and many of us are waking up to the multiplicity of nontraditional opportunities just waiting to be grasped by the savvy nurse.

Nursing shortage hits crisis levels, and immigrant nurses may provide relief—if they could just obtain visas
FierceHealthcare, Ilene MacDonald, 23 October 2017
One way U.S. hospitals have tried to alleviate the crisis is by using foreign nurses to fill the gap. But it can take years for nurses to obtain a visa to work in the United States, and the current political climate over immigrants has also delayed the process for bringing international nurses into the country.

Pulmonary hypertension camp delivers a chance to breathe
UCSF Science of Caring, Andrew Schwartz, October 2017
Ten-year-old Kaedyn Quan and his family have undergone more health challenges than most families will experience in one or even three lifetimes, including multiple open heart surgeries, the resection of his left lung and a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension.

Student nurse wins award for 'outstanding' compassion during prison placement
Nursing Times, Nicola Merrifield, 27 October 2017
A student nurse who demonstrated “outstanding” caring skills while working with prisoners and drug addicts during a placement has been recognised with an award from his university.

Nurses in Puerto Rico see first-hand health crisis from climate disaster
Inside Climate News, Phil McKenna, 26 October 2017
They described sick children, families without food, and elderly people exposed to heat and contaminated water. New health risks are emerging as the planet warms. RNL

—Compiled by Jane Palmer
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