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RNews Digest: 23 June 2017

RNL Editors |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

The new war on sepsis
Kaiser Health News, Anna Gorman, 21 June 2017
Dawn Nagel is among a new breed of nurses devoted to caring for patients with sepsis. She has a clear mission: Identify and treat those patients quickly to minimize their chance of death. Nagel administers antibiotics, draws blood for testing, gives fluids and closely monitors her charges—all on a very tight timetable.

Nurse interview tips—Part 2: It's your turn to ask questions, Robert G. Hess Jr., 23 June 2017
When you come home from your first day at a new job, will you be energized by its possibilities or feel slightly sick to your stomach and anxious that you’ve made a big mistake? If it’s option B, you may be able to trace that nauseated feeling back to something you overlooked while interviewing.

How two common medications became one $455 million specialty pill
ProPublica, Marshall Allen, 20 June 2017
Vimovo was created using two readily and cheaply available generic, or over-the-counter, medicines: naproxen, also known by the brand Aleve, and esomeprazole magnesium, also known as Nexium. The key selling point of this new “convenience drug”? It’s easier to take one pill than two.

Debt hobbles nurse education, impeding career growth
HealthLeaders Media, Jennifer Thew, 20 June 2017
Nurse leaders pushing for nurses to obtain BSNs need to understand that college debt can slow nurses' academic progression, and has negative implications for those on a leadership track.

5 ways that nurses can improve medical visits for people with higher weights
Scrubs, 15 June 2017
Nurses can make a tremendous difference in how people with higher weights get treated during their health appointments. With anti-fat bias and weight stigma rampant in our society—even among professionals in hospitals and medical offices—nurses can take the lead and treat these patients with dignity and respect.

School nurse carries out duty to report child abuse suspicions (Blog), Nancy J. Brent, 21 June 2017
Nurse licensees are mandated to report a reasonable suspicion of child abuse to their state agency that investigates alleged child abuse. The reporting statutes protect a nurse who in good faith makes a report to the agency.

Even the insured often can't afford their medical bills
The Atlantic, Helaine Olen, 18 June 2017
Determining what counts as a medical expense is difficult. It’s not simply doctor bills. In addition to the not-covered deductibles, there is transportation to and from medical appointments, parking fees at many hospitals, and often childcare expenses while parents are in treatment or at appointments. Time for cooking will be limited, so take-out bills can pile up, too.

For rape survivors, specially-trained nurses offer a bridge to justice
Side Effects, Esther Honig, 20 June 2017
Though a rape kit is designed to be completed by a nurse with minimal or no training, research  found that the chances of a getting a prosecution increase when a kit is completed by a nurse who has undergone a special 40-hour training, called Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (or SANE) training.

Nursing shortage impacts facilities in U.S. and abroad (Blog), Sallie Jimenez, 19 June 2017
A Nebraska hospital has closed its doors due to a nursing shortage. CHI Health Good Samaritan closed its Transitional Care Unit after management suffered staffing challenges. Meanwhile, a hospital in Dublin, Ireland, closed this spring due to a shortage of nurses.

AANP National Conference readies nurse practitioners with new tools to fight opioid addiction
PR Newswire, 22 June 2017
The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) will offer several courses at its national conference on the management and treatment of pain, including sessions on how clinicians can safely prescribe opioids and strategies to address opioid misuse in communities nationwide.

Canada to become 30th country with national dementia strategy
Alzheimer Society Blog, 23 June 2017
The Alzheimer Society of Canada celebrates the passage of Bill C-233, An Act respecting a national strategy for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Canada will now become the latest country to develop a national dementia strategy to address the overwhelming scale, impact and cost of dementia.

CV disease linked to education level
HealthLeaders Media, John Commins, 16 June 2017
Educational attainment is one of the biggest socioeconomic factors contributing to cardiovascular disease, according to a study this week in JAMA Internal Medicine.

—Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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