RNews Digest: 16 March 2018

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News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Hospitals offer big bonuses, free housing and tuition to recruit nurses
CNN Money, Parija Kavilanz, 8 March 2018
Hospitals and other medical facilities are getting so desperate to recruit and retain nurses they're offering all sorts of pricey perks and incentives.

Patient dumping is not alternative to good discharge plan
Nurse.com, Jennifer Mensik, 9 March 2018
We have all seen the story or heard of a similar one:  A woman in a hospital gown being wheeled to the bus stop by a security guard in freezing temperatures. Nurses must consider their professional and legal responsibility when it comes to discharging a patient.

Great conversations: A nurse tackles the puberty talk
AJN, Diane Szulecki, March 2018
Julie Metzger calls what she does in front of her classes a “performance” that fuses her clinical expertise with her theatrical nature: “I speak with the authority of a nurse and with the spirit of Ellen DeGeneres,” she says.

Understaffing: A life or death problem
Scrubs, 12 March 2018
If you work a long shift in poor conditions with entirely too many patients, you’re more likely to make a mistake. The first things to go when anyone becomes overly tired include patience and compassion. 

The real reason the U.S. spends twice as much on health care as other wealthy countries
The Washington Post, Carolyn Y. Johnson, 13 March 2018
A sweeping new study of healthcare expenditures found that the United States spends almost twice as much on healthcare as 10 other wealthy countries, a difference driven by high prices—including doctors' and nurses' salaries, hospital charges, and pharmaceuticals.

The other opioid crisis: Hospital shortages lead to patient pain, medical errors
Kaiser Health News, Pauline Bartolone, 16 March 2018
Hospital pharmacists are working long hours to find alternatives to opioids, forcing nurses to administer second-choice drugs or deliver standard drugs differently. That raises the risk of errors.

Where are the hospital job candidates?
HealthLeaders Media, John Commins, 14 March 2018
Nursing pools can reduce the reliance on pricey contract labor, but they may lead to higher attrition and lower productivity if nurses are not effectively trained across service lines.

Death with dignity (and love)
AJN, Laurie Barkin, March 2018
A nurse takes on a challenging new role at her ailing father's request.

Why the world needs to get ready for more people dying
BBC News, Katherine Sleeman, 2 March 2018
Working in teams including nurses, social workers, counsellors and chaplains, palliative care specialists identify the worst problems for patients with terminal, or life-limiting illnesses and aim to improve these symptoms.

It’s family time in the ICU
Nurse.com, Sallie Jimenez, 7 March 2018
More than 5.7 million patients are admitted annually to intensive care units in the U.S., according to SCCM.org. Families’ roles in the intensive care unit have changed dramatically in recent years to a more hands-on approach.

  —Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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