RNews Digest: 15 December 2017

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News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Shut up and let the women speak
American Journal of Nursing, Mark Darby, December 2017
I was in the country on a medical mission, but I'd thought this side visit to a Dominican slum with a priest, famous for his work among the poor, would look good on my resume.

The future of the nursing workforce: What next?
National Health Executive (Commentary), Janet Davies, 13 December 2017
The collapse in EU nurses is just one part of a lethal cocktail of factors that is causing the nursing profession to shrink. Increasing pressure in the NHS, the changes to student funding, difficulties recruiting and retaining nurses, and falling pay levels have left the profession demoralised and people heading for the door.

Should you use an academic credential before completing the degree?
Nurse.com (Blog), Jennifer Mensik, 8 December 2017
To ‘(c)’ or not to ‘(c)’? Each time I see a “(c)” behind someone’s initials, I pause and sigh. My advice: You shouldn’t do it, and this is why.

One type of exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have
Business Insider, Erin Brodwin, 10 December 2017
When we commit to regular workouts that raise our heart rate and get us moving and sweating for a sustained period of time, magical things happen to our mind and body. We start to think more clearly, feel better about ourselves, and even build buffers against age-related cognitive decline. 

What nurses need to know: Diagnostic error
Johns Hopkins Nursing, 12 December 2017
A stroke rarely comes with a neon sign announcing its presence, yet a quick, correct diagnosis is essential to preventing brain damage and saving lives. The first contact, most often a nurse, needs to be able to make the call.

‘Ethics dumping’—the dark side of international research
The Conversation, Doris Schroeder, 12 December 2017
Research ethics committees were only established in the mid-to-late 1970s in both Germany and the U.S. But what happens when such committees do not exist or are overburdened and underfunded, as is often the case in low and middle-income countries?

The state of scope of practice
Penn Nursing Science, Fall 2017
When will advanced practice nurses work to the full extent of their expertise in every U.S. state and territory? Here’s an update.

People don’t take their pills. Only one thing seems to help.
The New York Times, Austin Frakt, 11 December 2017
Medication nonadherence is a well-documented, longstanding problem, particularly for patients with chronic conditions. Only one approach has repeatedly been shown to be effective: reducing the cost of medications.

Healthcare professionals broadly support medical marijuana for children with cancer
Forbes, Tara Haelle, 12 December 2017
An overwhelming majority of healthcare professionals who care for children with cancer would be willing to help those children get medical marijuana. Researchers surveyed physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other providers who primarily care for children with cancer.

What healthcare providers should ignore
The New York Times, Moises Velasquez-Manoff, 8 December 2017
Instead of talking about race, we should talk about ancestry (which, unlike “race,” refers to one’s genetic heritage, not innate qualities); or the specific gene variants that, like the sickle cell trait, affect disease risk; or environmental factors like poverty or diet that affect some groups more than others.

In your career, effort is rewarded by outcome
Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway (Blog), Keith Carlson, 11 December 2017
For nurses and healthcare professionals who sit on their laurels and don't do the work, career growth can be stunted. But for those willing to put in the sweat equity, the potential return on investment is high. RNL

—Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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