RNews Digest: 10 November 2017

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News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world. 

Stress management for nurses
HealthLeaders Media, 6 November 2017
Study published in Nursing Research and Practice shows that 92 percent of nurses experience moderate to very high stress levels.

For patients with heart failure, little guidance as death nears
The New York Times, Gina Kolata, 6 November 2017
Americans are living longer with heart disease, managing it as a chronic condition. But there are few rules for these patients as they near the end of life.

Space nursing: Boldly going where no nurse has gone before
Nurse.org, Dawn Papandrea, 6 November 2017
It's a very noble thing to want to become a registered nurse, but what if you found out you could take your career to outer space and work for NASA?

Predicted retirement wave of baby-boom nurses has hit, AMN Healthcare survey shows
PRNewswire, 7 November 2017
The long-predicted wave of retirements among baby-boom nurses is already underway, new data suggests from the 2017 AMN Healthcare Survey of Registered Nurses released today.

How RNs can avoid pitfalls of social media
HealthLeaders Media, Jennifer Thew, 7 November 2017
While questionable social-media use makes headlines, nurses can use social media tools in ways that further their professional knowledge.

An elderly doctor was struggling. I spoke up. Then came the ‘snitch guilt’
StatNews.com, Jennifer Adaeze Okwerekwu, 8 November 2017
He struggled to hear when people talked to him. He asked the same questions over and over. He fell asleep when really important conversations were going on around him. But it wasn’t until he missed an emergency call that I knew I had to act.

The three-dimensional job search
Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway (blog), Keith Carlson, 6 November 2017
When most nurse job-seekers are in the market for a new nursing position, their job search process can be somewhat one-dimensional. From my perspective, a three-dimensional job search strategy is generally much more effective.

Nurses can play a role in preventing mass shootings
Nurse.com, Jennifer Mensik, 7 November 2017
Growing up in the state of Washington, I was around guns often. I remember kids at my high school traveled with rifles in their trucks so they could go hunting after class. What I don’t remember is there being a large number of mass shootings.

How does standardizing care affect quality?
Lippincott Solutions, 8 November 2017
Which works best for your patients—using a standardized care plan or personalizing the plan for each individual? In most cases, it's a hybrid of both.

Action needed over "inconsistent dementia training" for students
Nursing Times, Nicola Merrifield, 9 November 2017
Student nurses and other trainee healthcare professionals are failing to be taught to the same standard about dementia care due to inconsistent approaches by regulators, academics working in the field claim. RNL

—Compiled by Paula Jeffers
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