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RNews Digest: 10 April 2019

RNL editorial staff |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Nurse intuition plus engineering know-how: A powerful combination
Johns Hopkins Nursing, Sydnee Logan, 28 March 2019
An app for patients with a left ventricular assist device. A continuous vital signs monitor. A heart attack recovery app. Nurse intuition—together with engineering skills and researcher and physician input—round out an interprofessional team that saves lives.

Having more registered nurses on general wards is linked to lower mortality
NIHR Signal, 26 March 2019
An observational study in the UK found that higher registered nurse staffing levels are associated with lower mortality. The fact that fewer vital sign observations are missed is the most likely explanation.

Increasing diversity—One CRNA at a time
Campaign for Action, 8 March 2019
When Wallena “Lena” Gould, EdD, CRNA, FAAN, began studying to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist, it did not take long for her to notice that very few of the students around her were people of color. There were no professors of color either.

Nurse’s inventive screening protocol helps victims of human trafficking
Johnson & Johnson Notes on Nursing, 22 March 2019
Nurse innovator Danielle Jordan Bastien was determined to help those human trafficking victims who might be in danger by developing a screening protocol that helps healthcare workers identify signs of abuse.

Death by 1,000 clicks: Where electronic health records went wrong
Kaiser Health News, Fred Schulte and Erika Fry, 18 March 2019
The pain radiated from the top of Annette Monachelli’s head, and it got worse when she changed positions. Two months later, she was dead of a brain aneurysm. A head scan ordered through the clinic’s software system was never transmitted to the lab.

9 ways new nurses can develop strong leadership skills, 
Tyler Faust, 29 March 2019
I had my eyes set on nursing leadership early on in my career. Looking back on my road to obtaining a manager position, I would have done a lot of things differently. I learned so much along the way.

Rural NPs drive growth in primary care
Pain Medicine News, 3 April 2019
“NPs now constitute about 25% of primary care providers overall, and as much as 45% of primary care providers in rural areas in full scope of practice states,” says Linda H. Aiken, PhD, RN, FAAN, FRCN, a professor and the director of the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research.

5 steps to enable health workers to better meet the needs of hard-to-reach communities
BBC Media Action Insight Blog, Genevieve Hutchinson and Emebet Wuhib-Mutungi, 5 April 2019
In low-income countries in Africa and Asia, many health systems are staffed by community health workers. In Nepal, they are known as female community health workers and in Ethiopia, health extension workers. In India and Bangladesh, they are generally known as frontline health workers.

Control: Ninety, and still haunted by a husband’s dying promise
AJN Off the Charts (Blog), Stephen Cooper, 5 April 2019
Prior to becoming a nurse, I worked as an advocate for a domestic violence shelter. Those five years of my life were a relentless and eye-opening study of the dangers of control.

Should doctors (or nurses) help teens get vaccinated behind their anti-vaxx parents' backs?
National Post (Blog), Sharon Kirkey, 27 March 2019
A 12-year-old boy secretly seeking something his parents had always denied him recently visited Dr. Eric Cadesky, a family physician in British Colombia. In the face of declining immunization rates and a rise in the “vaccine hesitant,” do doctors have a legal and ethical obligation to ask unvaccinated youth if they would prefer to be inoculated?

International Council of Nurses launches resources and evidence for International Nurses Day
ICN, April 2019
In preparation for International Nurses Day to be held on 12 May 2019, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) has released a resource and evidence toolkit titled Nurses: A Voice to Lead Health for All. RNL 

—Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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