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Congress presenters explore nursing best practices

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International Nursing Research Congress articles

More than 800 nurses attend Sigma's International Nursing Research Congress each year to learn from evidence-based research presentations. Articles below are from the 2018 congress in Melbourne, Australia.

Finding a better way: Nurses and innovation
By Olivia Lemberger | 5/15/2018
Every day, nurses find ways to improve patient care.

For my clients, there’s no healthcare like home healthcare
By Ron Billano Ordona | 5/22/2018
APRNs play critical role in providing quality care to homebound seniors.

Nursing and veterinary med students in the same class? Think IPE!
By Susan L. Adams | 5/29/2018
True interprofessional education doesn’t just happen; it takes planning.

Telehealth: Bridging the care gap in mental health treatment
By Rene Allen Love and Jane M. Carrington | 6/1/2018
As technology advances, educational curricula need to address ethics and privacy.

Better together: Collaborating in pursuit of evidence
By Joseph D. Perazzo | 6/8/2018
What we achieve together is greater than what we achieve alone.

Bridging gaps between silos of care with simulation and telehealth
By Ann Scott | 6/12/2018
Interprofessional education teaches students to practice strategic teamwork.

Collaborating interprofessionally to prepare APRN students for mental health care
By Gail E. Bromley and Kathy D. Wright | 6/15/2018
Creative clinical experiences aid transition from academia to practice.

I care, I can, and I change
By Hsiu Yu Ho | 6/19/2018
We must improve medication safety for our elders

Interprofessional collaboration improves healthcare
By Tami L. Jakubowski and Tracy J. Perron | 6/5/2018
Working together while respecting the expertise of other disciplines is essential.

How to be you po?
By Pearl Ed G. Cuevas | 6/26/2018
How do you address a nurse leader in YOUR country?

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