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STTI to host UN-related economic empowerment of women event

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Held parallel to 61st session of UN’s Commission on the Status of Women.

Photo of UN building

On Friday, 17 March 2017, the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) will host “Economic Empowerment: Developing Leadership Skills for Decision-Making, Governance, and Policy” parallel to the 61st session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61). The event will convene at the Salvation Army Social Justice Commission, 221 East 52nd Street, New York, New York, USA.

This marks the third time that STTI, a UN-recognized nongovernmental organization (NGO), will host such an event since achieving, in 2012, special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Kimberly HarperGovernance decisions within organizations—corporate, governmental, or nongovernmental—are critical to the future of women, impacting them economically, socially, professionally, and domestically. However, women are rarely represented when these decisions are made. In addressing this unfortunate disconnect, speakers will address the importance of women serving in leadership positions and board of directors governance roles in all sectors, including corporate, government, association, and nongovernmental organizations. Content will include rationale for why it’s important to not just participate but lead governing boards, set policy, establish direction, and ensure sustainable development for women at all levels of society.

Rita WrayFeatured presenters include Kimberly Harper, MS, RN, chief executive officer of the Indiana Center for Nursing, an organization that unites state-wide nursing education and practice leaders to speak with one voice in working to ensure a high-quality nursing workforce for Indiana; Rita Wray, MBA, BSN, RNC, FAAN, founder and CEO of Wray Enterprises Inc., a national independent healthcare consulting firm; and Cynthia Vlasich, MBA, BSN, RN, STTI’s director of global initiatives.

Cynthia VlasichTo register for the event, click here. Note: The registration form is for any parallel event associated with CSW61 and not just for “Economic Empowerment: Developing Leadership Skills for Decision-Making, Governance, and Policy.” Because of this event’s location, a UN grounds pass is not needed to attend.

The 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place at UN headquarters in New York City from 13 to 24 March 2017. The priority theme is women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work. In addition to reviewing progress made toward achieving Millennium Development Goals for women and girls established in the 58th session of the commission, the 61st session will focus on the empowerment of indigenous women.

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