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RNews Digest: 6 January 2017

RNL Editors |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Nursing salaries are on the upswing, Sallie Jimenez, 5 January 2017
According to a recent report from Medscape, the average gross salary of an RN in 2015 was $79,000, compared with $95,000 for a clinical nurse specialist and $102,000 for a nurse practitioner. 

One man’s quest to change the way we die
The New York Times Magazine, Jon Mooallem, 3 January 2017
How B.J. Miller, a doctor and triple amputee, used his own experience to pioneer a new model of palliative care at a small, quirky hospice in San Francisco.

Ramifications of medication errors and how to prevent them, Nancy J. Brent, 4 January 2017
As nurses know, they are the last line of defense for the patient. Questioning a physician or other healthcare provider’s order when you are uncertain about it is vital in protecting the patient’s well-being.

2017 brings more access to nurse practitioners, PAs, and telemedicine
Forbes, Bruce Japsen, 31 December 2016
Americans are poised in 2017 to gain even more access to nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and health professionals via I-phones, apps, and related digital health technology.

Stop the eye rolling: Supporting nursing students in learning
AJN, Rosemary Taylor, January 2017
A supportive environment is a prerequisite for learning. Students are vulnerable, and their welcome to the profession from experienced nurses shouldn't be one of disgust or dismissal.

The Affordable Care Act and nurses—what has changed?
Scrubs, 2 January 2017
ACA, often referred to as “Obamacare,” has been the most significant overhaul of U.S. healthcare since Medicaid and Medicare were enacted in 1965. Some applauded it as a step in the right direction, while others viewed it as government overreach.

Expert nursing opinion from 2016
IndependentNurse (Blog), Seeta Bhardwa, 30 December 2016
A year of huge changes for nursing and the general political sphere has led many nursing opinion leaders to raise concerns about the future of nursing.

2016: An unbelievable year
AJN (Editorial)Maureen Shawn Kennedy, January 2017
When I think about 2016, one word that keeps coming to mind is “unbelievable.” It's a word I've found myself using many times over the past year, often while shaking my head in disbelief.

Mary Wakefield looks to life after top D.C. job
Grand Forks Herald, Sam Easter, 1 January 2017
Mary Wakefield has had a long career in public service, culminating in the position of acting deputy secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But it was a career that all began in nursing.

Nursing coalition urges clean needle programs in prisons
MarketWired, 5 January 2017
A coalition of the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, the Canadian Association of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care, the Canadian Nurses Association, and the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario has been granted intervener status in an application before the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario for clean needles and syringes to be made available in prisons.

The three E’s of the nurse commitment
Scrubs, 5 January 2017
The nurse commitment can be broken down into the “three E’s”: education, endurance, and empathy.

Your nursing career: Intentions and positive change
Digital Doorway, Keith Carlson, 2 January 2017
When the New Year begins in earnest, many of us nurses start to consider what we'd like to accomplish in our personal lives and nursing careers. We can run around like chickens afraid that the sky is falling all around us, or we can set our intentions and plan for an inspired year.


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