RNews Digest: 10 March 2017

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News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Meet the automated triage nurse of the future
Engadget, Daniel Cooper, 7 March 2017
If you think that the march of automation isn't going to affect jobs in the medical profession, then, uh, you better sit down. A Belgian company called BeWell is showing off WellPoint, a self-service kiosk that's designed for patients entering hospitals or clinics.

Why we can’t look away from our screens
The New York Times, Claudia Dreifus, 6 March 2017
In the past, we thought of addiction as mostly related to chemical substances: heroin, cocaine, nicotine. Today, we have this phenomenon of behavioral addictions where people are spending nearly three hours a day tethered to their cellphones.

Making your EHR nurse-friendly
Hospitals & Health Networks, Suzanna Hoppszallern, 6 March 2017
Nurse dissatisfaction with electronic health records can influence job satisfaction. Common complaints are disruptions in productivity and a negative impact on communication between nurses and patients. Many say that electronic health records haven’t necessarily improved communication between providers because of delays in charting.

Where the hospital of the future isn’t a hospital at all
LinkedIn, Beth Kutscher, 7 March 2017
Kaiser Permanente is looking to consolidate all the technologies that have become a burden on doctors and nurses. A smartphone-like device can create a directory of everyone in the hospital. It’s role-based; you can select the entry for the nurse in room 206, and the system automatically routes to that person or whoever’s covering for him or her.

Canadian nurse in legal battle because of Facebook post
Nurse.com, Sallie Jimenez, 9 March 2017
A registered nurse from Regina, Saskatchewan, underwent a drawn-out, expensive legal battle over a Facebook post. Carolyn Strom, RN, criticized her grandfather’s long-term care, suggesting on Facebook that there was “a lack of compassion and education among staff.” Six nurses who had cared for Strom’s grandfather took offense to the post.

Exploring the generation gap in the nursing workforce
AMN Healthcare, Jennifer Larson, March 2017
Each generation of nurses has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Mix them all together and you can wind up with a nursing staff with enormous talent and abilities but also a tendency to occasionally clash, especially regarding their different approaches to work.

After nursing, what will you do?
Scrubs, 8 March 2017
Nursing can be an incredibly stressful job, and for many people, it can get to be too much after a decade or two of service. Many nurses decide to switch careers later in life. But what are your options for doing this?

Scientists identify first sign of Alzheimer's disease 
International Business Times, Dana Dovey, 8 March 2017
Memory loss and cognitive decline are commonly thought to be the earliest signs of the neurodegenerative disorder Alzheimer's, but a new study has found declines in glucose levels in the brain come even sooner—before the first symptoms appear.

How nurses cope with postcode stress
AMN Healthcare, March 2017
When critical care nurses participate in CPR that fails to save the patient, how do they deal with the stress and loss? And how do you know if you and your fellow nurses are feeling “normal” emotions or are at risk for developing PTSD?

NHS England to begin urgent overhaul of emergency care
The Guardian, Denis Campbell, 9 March 2017
Every hospital will put in place “comprehensive front door streaming” by October, under which family doctors and nurses will assess how unwell patients are to reduce the risk of emergency departments becoming overloaded by the 1.5 million to 3 million people who turn up unnecessarily every year.

Why does autism still exist?
Psychology Today, Barb Cohen, 7 March 2017
Examining the evolutionary rationale for autism prompts us to ask ethical questions and policy questions from a vantage point that honors autism.  It’s time for our thinking to evolve.

—Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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