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RNews Digest: 10 February 2017

RNL Editors |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Flu cases continue climbing; at epidemic level
AMN Healthcare, Jennifer Larson, February 2017
Seasonal influenza cases in the United States continue to increase, and have now reached epidemic levels. In fact, flu activity is now considered “widespread” across 40 states.

How to relate to your non-nursing friends
Scrubs, 8 February 2017
There are some things that non-nurses just don’t really seem to “get” about our jobs. We deal with serious life or death emergencies on a daily basis. By comparison, the work problems our friends in sales or marketing have just don’t seem all that important.

'Stay connected' to community to improve cardiac health, Janice Petrella Lynch, 10 February 2017
As nurses we know the national statistics on CVD are both alarming and unacceptable, and together we change them.

Discussing death over coffee and cake: The emergence of the death café
AJN Reports, February 2017
The cafés offer a casual, agenda-free environment for talking about the many facets of death and dying, such as loneliness, the afterlife, and pain management. But death cafés are not support groups or counseling sessions. Where do nurses fit in?

'Implicit bias' may account for a glaring disparity in health care screening
PRI’s The World, Cristina Quinn, 9 February 2017
Here’s a startling figure: More than half of Asian Americans with Type 2 diabetes don’t even know they have it.  Asian Americans were the only racial and ethnic group that was consistently screened less. Implicit bias may be the culprit.

Get legally healthy in 2017 (Blog), Nancy J. Brent, 7 February 2017
Nurses always focus on patients, their families and their communities while forgetting what they need to do to stay healthy. 2017 is a good year to become legally healthy.

Basing medical care on patient satisfaction is as smart as basing school on child satisfaction, Sandra Scott Simons, 6 February 2017
A patient care model, unlike a customer service model, requires tough love. We should never be rude, but we must be effective guardians of health. We need to be able to tell people what they don’t want to hear without sugarcoating it. 

Helen's family
AJN, Cyndy Irvine, February 2017
Helen's family showed me that it's okay to mingle joy—brightly colored flowers and laughter-filled conversation—with the sanctity of grieving, that it's not inappropriate to celebrate life instead of languishing in grief. 

First steps in creating a national action plan on post-traumatic stress injury/disorder
Canadian Nurse, January/February 2017
In their day-to-day practice, many nurses witness death and injury, see high patient mortality and morbidity, experience ethical dilemmas and workplace violence and work in tension-charged environments. Their risk for PTSI/PTSD further increases when supports are not in place.

A1C blood sugar test may be less accurate in African-Americans
NPR Shots, Richard Harris, 7 February 2017
A widely used blood test to measure blood-sugar trends can give imprecise results, depending on a person's race and other factors. This test means diabetes can sometimes be misdiagnosed or managed poorly.

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