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RNews Digest: 19 May 2017

RNL Editors |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

No words can convey the gratitude I have for nurses, Andrea Eisenberg, 10 May 2017
The nurse grabs me: “You have to check my patient now! She is screaming and bearing down.” She leads me into the labor room. I know not to question this nurse. She has been a labor and delivery nurse nearly as long as I have been alive.

The man in the Red Cross blanket
RWJF Culture of Health Blog, Susan Hassmiller, 12 May 2017
In this personal essay, Sue Hassmiller shares how an ICU nurse helped her face the most difficult milestone of her life—and discover a deeper meaning of a Culture of Health.

The men who take ‘women’s’ jobs
The Atlantic, Alana Semuels, 15 May 2017
As employment options shrink in parts of the Midwest, many men who once worked in manufacturing are finding new careers in healthcare. More younger men are entering nursing, one of the most gendered professions there is.

Nurses with dementia should be allowed to keep their jobs, says Royal College of Nursing
The Telegraph, Henry Bodkin, 15 May 2017
The Royal College of Nursing said the health service should set an example to the rest of society by allowing staff with the degenerative condition to carry on working, providing they are not allowed to make critical decisions or precise calculations such as measuring out medicines.

Houston hospital checking to see if patients’ cupboards are bare
Kaiser Health News, Charlotte Huff, 15 May 2017
Increasingly, doctors and nurses are realizing that they need to ask directly about food stress. Otherwise, patients with a near-bare cupboard might buy cheaper but unhealthful food or skimp on prescriptions or other medical care to avoid going hungry.

Nurses to stage 'summer of protest activity' over pay cap
BBC News, 14 May 2017
The number of nurse vacancies is double what it was in 2013. One in nine positions is now empty, according to an analysis by the RCN. It said the nurses shortage was dangerous, blaming the stress of working in the NHS and the cap on pay rises for the problem.

Amazon's long shadow falls on pharmacies
Bloomberg Gadfly, Max Nisen, 17 May 2017
Amazon is considering a leap into the prescription-drug business. It wouldn't be easy, but the industry and its investors shouldn't dismiss the threat. 

Drug use by state: 2017’s problem areas
WalletHub, John S. Kiernan, 15 May 2017
The number of people who admit to ever using an illicit drug rose from 1979 (31.3%) to 2015 (48.8%). Annual overdose deaths have more than tripled from 2000 to 2015. And over 11 times more people were in prisons and jails for drug offenses in 2015 than in 1980.

The continuum of nurse career growth
Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway, Keith Carlson, 15 May 2017
The growth of your career as a nurse can be consciously self-generated, or simply a result of happenstance and a laissez-faire attitude toward professional development. A thoughtfully sculpted career is definitely fodder for a much richer, satisfying, and rewarding trajectory.

Understanding the ‘ABCs’ of hepatitis—the numbers behind the disease
Scrubs, 15 May 2017
Most nurses are familiar with hepatitis. Viral hepatitis affects around 6 million Americans per year, and if you’ve worked in a hospital, you’ve almost certainly had to treat a patient who was suffering from some form of hepatitis.

—Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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