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RNews Digest: 8 September 2017

RNL Editors |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

There's a lesson or two in Utah nurse’s shocking arrest (Blog), Jennifer Mensik, 1 September 2017
By now you probably have heard about and seen the video of the Utah nurse who was arrested for protecting a patient’s rights. I am sensitive to issues on both sides.

The crucial nature of nurse volunteerism
Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway (Blog), Keith Carlson, 4 September 2017
As the United States grapples with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I am reminded of how nurses' collective and individual dedication to volunteerism and community service are central to the fabric of society, as well as to the notion of who we nurses are and what we are capable of.

After Harvey hit, a Texas hospital decided to evacuate. Here’s how patients got out.
The New York Times, Sheri Fink and Andrew Burton, 6 September 2017
Emptying even a modest-sized hospital during a disaster often requires a vast logistical effort. Sometimes a health system has enough resources to transfer patients within its own network of hospitals. But when that is not possible, Texas has procedures in place to move patients en masse.

Welcoming the Class of 2021: Prepare for uncharted waters
AJN (Editorial), Maureen Shawn Kennedy, September 2017
Where and how care is delivered, by whom, and importantly, how it is financed, will vastly change the landscape for nurses entering the workforce in four years. Let's hope they're ready for this brave new world.

No prosecutions for Northern Ireland abortion referrals
Royal College of Midwives, Rob Dabrowski, 7 September 2017
The RCM has called on the Department of Health in Northern Ireland to issue clear guidance on abortion referrals for midwives and other healthcare professionals. The call comes as the threat of prosecution against midwives and other medical professionals in Northern Ireland to make abortion referrals to the UK has been lifted.

Another thing disappearing from rural America: Maternal care
ProPublica, Adriana Gallardo and Nina Martin, 5 September 2017
For the 28 million women of reproductive age living in rural America, pregnancy and childbirth are becoming more complicated—and more dangerous. Allowing midwives and nurse practitioners to play a greater role in offering prenatal and postpartum care, without having to be under a doctor’s supervision, would be useful.

LTC nurse residency results in 86% retention rate
HealthLeaders Media, Jennifer Thew, 5 September 2017
Post-acute care has become an essential component of value-based care. By preparing new nurses through a long-term care residency program, facilities can improve nurse retention, confidence, and competency.

How long should routine health screening continue in older adults?
AJN Off the Charts (Blog), Diane Szulecki, 6 September 2017
Communicating to older patients that routine screening tests are no longer recommended can prove difficult. Recent research, however, offers guidance on how nurses and other clinicians should approach such conversations.

Support to practice independently helps nurse practitioners deliver ongoing primary care to patients
Columbia University Medical Center, 5 September 2017
Nurse practitioners whose healthcare organizations supported their practice as independent clinicians were more likely than those who worked in less supportive environments to have their own patient panels (groups of patients to whom they delivered ongoing primary care).

Houston’s next big storm: Mosquitoes
The Washington Post, Amy Ellis Nutt, 7 September 2017
The possibility of disease outbreaks make mosquitoes a high priority for many post-Harvey. The mosquitoes endemic to the Texas Gulf Coast can carry a host of potentially deadly viruses, including Zika and West Nile.

The big data bull's-eye
Psychology Today, Paul Raeburn, 5 September 2017
Computational techniques illuminate such illnesses as depression and schizophrenia, forging new paradigms for classifying and treating the thorniest psychiatric disorders.

 —Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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