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RNews Digest: 6 October 2017

RNL Editors |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

Las Vegas shooting tests mass casualty training of healthcare professionals, Sallie Jimenez, 5 October 2017
With only one Level One trauma center in Las Vegas and the number of victims, one hospital couldn’t take everyone, so they were triaged, and many lower-acuity patients had to be sent to neighboring hospitals. 

Student errors in the clinical setting: Time for transparency
AJN Off the Charts (Blog), Shawn Kennedy, 3 October 2017
When I was working as an ED nurse, we often had nursing students assigned to the area. One day the patient was an elderly man with asthma. The physician ordered aminophylline suppositories. After reviewing the “5 rights,” I directed the student to administer the suppositories. Imagine my surprise when the student proceeded to insert the suppository into the man’s nose!  

Let’s get real about gender stereotypes in nursing
Scrubs, Kitterhi Durgin, 3 October 2017
One nurse described an incident in which a male coworker and a male patient were discussing how “sexy” she looked considering she had just had a baby. They went on to say how “they shouldn’t be discussing it” because “you know how it is nowadays, everyone gets offended” and then said to the nurse: “But you’re not offended, right?” Actually she was, and with good reason.  

Nocebo effects can make you feel pain
Science, Luana Colloca, 6 October 2017
The mysterious phenomenon known as the nocebo effect describes negative expectancies. This is in contrast to positive expectancies that trigger placebo effects. Associate Professor Luana Colloca of the University of Maryland School of Nursing highlights the work of her research team. 

Puerto Rico health system on life support two weeks after Hurricane Maria
USA Today, Oren Dorell, 5 October 2017
Two weeks after Hurricane Maria toppled Puerto Rico's communications towers, wrecked its electrical grid and knocked out power to water systems, medical officials said the island's health system is "on life support." 

Complex care for behavioral health comorbidities seen to lower LOS
HealthLeaders Media, Jennifer Thew, 3 October 2017
A small hospital's patient-centered treatment unit designated for patients with coexisting medical and behavioral health issues is showing reductions in length of stay. The unit is staffed by RNs who receive training in behavioral aspects of care and psychiatric illnesses as well as traditional medical/surgical knowledge. 

NHS: Jeremy Hunt wants 5,000 new nursing training places
BBC News, 3 October 2017
More than 5,000 new places on nursing training courses are to be created each year as part of government efforts to boost the NHS workforce in England. 

Thinking about Las Vegas
AJN Off the Charts (Blog), Shawn Kennedy, 6 October 2017
We’ve talked and dealt with deaths from smoking, alcohol, motor vehicles, and drugs, all of which cause or are implicated in thousands of deaths each year. Yet somehow we can’t seem to address deaths caused by firearms—according to nearly all existing research, as much a public health problem as other social and environmental factors. It’s dumbfounding. 

What's next for retail healthcare?
HealthLeaders Media, Debra Shute, 29 September 2017
Because the Springfield, Missouri, region is under-resourced for primary care, the system's 200-plus primary care providers, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants have never regarded the walk-in clinics as a source of competition. 

Program improves health and quality of life for woman living with HIV/AIDS in India
UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing, 2 October 2017
Results from an ongoing five-year National Institutes of Health-funded study indicate increased social support for women living with HIV/AIDS could improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy and mitigate internalized stigma associated with the disease. RNL

 —Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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