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RNews Digest: 2 June 2017

RNL Editors |

News and perspectives important to RNs and the profession of nursing, gathered from sources around the world.

APRNs improve quality outcomes, cost of care
HealthLeaders Media, Jennifer Thew, 1 June 2017
Organizations around the country are increasing their use of APRNs, and some are already seeing quality outcomes improve as a result.

How violence spreads like a contagious disease
Psychology Today, Brad J. Bushman, 31 May 2017
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. noted in 1958 that “violence begets violence,” recognizing the contagious aspect of violence. More recently, there is hard science to back up King's observations.

Depression risk: How it differs for men and women
U.S. News Health Care, David Levine, 2 June 2017
News flash: Men and women are different. OK, so that’s not really news—except in some corners of the world of medicine. Researchers are developing a growing understanding of how sex plays a role in many diseases, including depression.

How will we care for the mentally ill?
AJN, Maureen Shawn Kennedy, June 2017
Traditionally, people with mental illness have received little support in our society. First thought to be a result of demonic possession, severe mental illness and associated behavioral problems were later thought to be caused by poor upbringing.

Gay and transgender patients to doctors [and nurses]: We’ll tell. Just ask.
The New York Times, Jan Hoffman, 29 May 2017
Most doctors and nurses are in no rush to comply with federal agencies that are pushing health care providers to ask patients their sexual orientation and gender identity. Clinicians have said they feel uneasy about asking because they don’t want to make patients uncomfortable.

Get inspired by these 3 incredible cancer survivors
Scrubs, 31 May 2017
On June 4, National Cancer Survivor’s Day, we don’t have to lose hope. We can celebrate those among us who have beaten cancer—and those among us who are still fighting for their lives.

Can comfort care at the ER help older people live longer and suffer less?
NPR Shots, Melissa Bailey, 26 May 2017
Half of adults age 65 and older visit the ER in their last month of life. Hospitals across the country are bringing palliative care, which focuses on improving quality of life for patients with advanced illness, into the emergency department.

Report reveals how much nurses make in every U.S. state, 31 May 2017
Career site has released a new report featuring “real-world” salary rankings by state for registered nurses. The list considers base pay along with cost of living—a more meaningful salary comparison for nurses looking to advance their careers by relocating.

Tampons that care: Helping girls across the world to end 'shame of periods'
The Guardian, Rebecca Ratcliffe, 27 May 2017
The issue of periods and the impact they have on girls’ health and education has been neglected in many poorer countries. Once girls start menstruating, many have no access to reliable sanitary products.

AJN Facebook readers respond to Nurses Week questions
AJN Off the Charts, Betsy Todd, 31 May 2017
What nurse has most influenced your nursing career? What do you think the general public doesn’t understand about nurses and nursing? What do you remember from early in your career that would never be seen or done today?

Alzheimer's Association survey reveals dramatic impact of disease on families
PR Newswire, 1 June 2017
Almost all agree caregiving should be a group effort, yet two in three caregivers feel alone. Lack of appreciation and support stress family relationships, especially among siblings.

Technology helps NICU families stay connected with their newborns
PR Newswire, 31 May 2017
One of the challenges for families with a baby in the NICU is that hospitalizations can be very long, and many families are unable to be at the bedside as much as they would like. A new program uses webcams and flexible tripods to mount on infant isolettes, warmers or cribs.

New president of International Council of Nurses, Annette Kennedy, announces her watchword: Together
ICN, 2 June 2017
The closing ceremony of the Congress included the official transfer of the President Chain and Pin from Judith Shamian, ICN President 2013-17, to Annette Kennedy, ICN President 2017-21. In her acceptance speech, Kennedy announced her “watchword” for her term: Together.

—Compiled by Jane Palmer, Assistant Editor
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