Women and social media: Sigma to host UN-related event

By RNL editorial staff | 02/27/2018

Presenters to focus on role of media consumers in reducing spread of false information.

UN building

Parallel to UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, Sigma presenters will discuss role of media consumers in preventing belief in and dissemination of incorrect information.

On Monday, 12 March 2018, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) will present “Women as Subjects, Consumers, and Thought Leaders” parallel to the 62nd session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62). The event, to convene at 4:30 p.m. EDT (1630), will be held in the Blue Room, located at 4 W 43rd Street, New York, NY, USA.

This marks the fourth time that Sigma, a U.N.-recognized nongovernmental organization (NGO), will host such an occasion since achieving, in 2012, special consultative status (ECOSOC) with the U.N. Economic and Social Council.

Thought leadership in social media
Presenters will address access to media and responsibilities incumbent upon media consumers to help prevent belief in and proliferation of incorrect information. Through presentations that demonstrate Sigma’s social media thought leadership, attendees will be encouraged to participate in and help shape the perception of women in social media. 

The Woodhull Study on Nursing and the Media, commissioned by Sigma and published in 1998 (currently in revision), will also be reviewed.

Julie AdamsPresenters, listed below, will discuss and provide examples of various media, including 1) traditional mass media (television, radio, cable, newspapers); 2) electronic media (web-based news sites); and social media (web-based platforms for interaction and networking).

Julie Adams, director of marketing and communications at Sigma for the past five years, oversees the organization’s marketing and events teams, provides communications support to the chief executive officer and board president, and manages the Sigma brand.

Marnie ColborneMarnie Colborne, BScN, RN, a Sigma United Nations youth representative, is a registered nurse who started her career as an intensive care nurse and is now transitioning into other areas of nursing in public health and acute medicine. In her U.N.-related role, Colborne, a resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is dedicated to educating individuals on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In that role, she has co-founded a nonprofit organization called Youthnited Nations, the mission of which is to engage and empower youth in helping to advance the SDGs through social media and live events, including volunteering opportunities. She is president-elect of Sigma’s Mu Sigma Chapter and co-chair of Margaret Scott Wright Research Day, which will be hosted by the Faculty of Nursing and the University of Alberta in late 2018.

Aden HamzaAden Hamza, BScN, RN, also a Sigma United Nations youth representative, is working toward her Master of Science in Nursing degree at Western University. She has clinical experience in medical/surgical nursing. After earning her undergraduate degree in nursing in 2011, she pursued her interests in global health by completing an intensive humanitarian course at Duke University and an internship project with the Sphere Project. In line with these interests, she has conducted field research in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where she interviewed women about their experiences in receiving humanitarian aid following that island’s 2010 earthquake. In recognition of these and other achievements, Hamza is an associate fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and represented Canada as National Youth Delegate at the Commonwealth Youth Forum in Malta this past November.

Diana J. MasonDiana J. Mason, PhD, RN, FAAN, senior policy service professor and co-director of a new Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement, George Washington University School of Nursing, is professor emerita at Hunter College, City University of New York, where she was inaugural Rudin Professor of Nursing and, until 2016, co-founder and co-director of the Center for Health, Media, and Policy. A past president of the American Academy of Nursing and former editor of the American Journal of Nursing, Mason is the lead editor of Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care, now in its seventh edition, and the author of more than 200 published articles, including blogs on policy for JAMA News Forum.

Cynthia W. VlasichCynthia W. Vlasich, MBA, BSN, RN, director of global initiatives at Sigma, provides direction for the honor society’s global regional councils; coordinates relationships with global organizations, including the United Nations and World Health Organization; oversees the Institute for Global Healthcare Leadership; and leads initiatives to enhance the organization’s global recognition and reputation. Prior to coming to Sigma, Vlasich was vice president of Professional Services at Gannett Healthcare Group, where her responsibilities included recognition and support for nurse leaders throughout central United States. Before that, she was chief nurse of the American Red Cross for nearly a decade, at which time she also chaired the Global Advisory Group for Nursing under the International Committee of the Red Cross. RNL

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  • Women and social media: Sigma to host UN-related event