Sigma hosts reception at Magnet conference

By Kathy J. Bennison-Meadors |

President welcomes members and corporate partners, and authors sign books.

Wambi CEO Rebecca Metter, Sigma President Beth Tigges, and Wambi Chief Clinical Officer Bonnie Clipper.

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) hosted another successful reception on 11 October 2019 during the ANCC National Magnet Conference in Orlando, Florida, USA. More than 150 attendees, a reception record, enjoyed champagne, strawberries, and assorted appetizers while networking with Sigma members and friends of nursing.

Clinical Nurse Executive Tammy Purcell and Marketing Director Jeanne Cestone, Elsevier Clinical Solutions.In her remarks to reception attendees, Sigma President Beth Tigges said: “We are at this conference because nearly 60% of Sigma members work in hospital and clinical settings. In fact, within the next few months, we will have chartered at-large Sigma chapters at 17 hospitals in the United States.”

Tigges thanked Elsevier Clinical Solutions for its sponsorship and support. Tammy Purcell, clinical nurse executive, brought greetings on behalf of Elsevier.

These distinguished Sigma book authors attended the reception and participated in a special book signing:

Bonnie and Mark Barnes (third and fourth from left), founders of the DAISY Foundation, are joined by foundation friends.

Nursing-Led Savings authors Cheryl Gebeline-Myers (left), Megan Bernstein, and Jackie Noll.

Megan Bernstein, Michelle Farrington, Beth Browder, Roxanne Holm, and Cynthia Oster.

Kathy J. Bennison-Meadors
 is senior corporate relations officer for Sigma Foundation for Nursing.

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