From the CEO: Sigma is podcasting

By Elizabeth A. Madigan |

They said, “You’re certainly taking on something controversial.” Indeed, we are.

Elizabeth MadiganOur new vision statement—Connected, empowered nurse leaders transforming global healthcare—is being enacted in a new way. Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) is now doing podcasts. For those of you unfamiliar with podcasts, these are short audio segments on various topics. Do a web search for “podcast,” and you will find they address just about any topic you can think of. Sigma’s podcasts will focus on scholarship and leadership, and we are calling them Sigmacasts.

The first set released discusses preprints. Preprints are unpublished manuscripts made available on the web. Although some disciplines have been sharing preprints for more than a decade, the healthcare professions have been somewhat hesitant to adopt their use. Part of the concern is that preprints have generally not been peer reviewed, a process designed to detect fatal flaws and act as a quality check on how the science is presented. It’s important that unsupported or dangerous information not be promulgated.

In our first set of podcasts, we present a broad spectrum of views on the topic of preprints, including those of Sigma Repository librarian Kimberly Thompson, Sigma journal editors Susan Gennaro and Bernadette Melnyk, and others. Each speaker has strong views. I encourage you to listen. It is posted on the Sigma Repository for download, but you can also take a listen here: 

Episode 2, Bullying and Incivility in Nursing (Part 1), is also available:

When I first shared our plan to begin podcasting and address the subject of preprints, someone remarked: “You’re certainly taking on something controversial.” Indeed, we are. When a topic such as preprints is new and perhaps contentious, I think it’s important to present various views and let you decide.

Upcoming subjects include doctoral education in nursing. Have other suggestions? Send them our way, to or We encourage confronting controversial topics in scholarship and leadership for nursing. It’s how we grow, and it’s how “connected, empowered nurse leaders transform global healthcare.” RNL

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