STTI Publishing honored again

By RNL Editors | 01/03/2017

2016 marks the eighth consecutive year STTI Publishing has received AJN Book of the Year Awards

2016 AJN Awards

STTI’s successful run of American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Awards continues with the announcement of five new awards in 2016. STTI Publishing was awarded one first-place, two second-place, and two third-place awards, and has now been recognized by the American Journal of Nursing each year since 2009.

AJN_logo_SFW“Receiving the AJN Book of the Year Award is a tremendous honor, and we are extremely proud to have five more recipients in 2016,” said STTI Publisher Dustin Sullivan. “This marks the eighth consecutive year STTI Publishing has published AJN award-winners. This accomplishment is a testament to the quality of our authors and the highly skilled team of professionals who craft those authors' visions into award-winning books.”

Nurses regard the AJN Book of the Year Awards as one of the most important designations of excellence in book publishing. STTI Publishing’s success is all the more remarkable given the size of its publishing program relative to the multinational corporate publishers it competes with.

The 2016 STTI award-winning titles are:

A Practical Guide to Forensic NursingA Practical Guide to Forensic Nursing: Incorporating Forensic Principles Into Nursing Practice received two awards: it was awarded first place in the Critical Care/Emergency Nursing category and third place in the Medical-Surgical Nursing category.

A Practical Guide to Forensic Nursing is an evidence-based guide to understanding and applying forensic nursing science. Authors Angela F. Amar and L. Kathleen Sekula introduce practical and theoretical perspectives on violence and provide valuable resources, including injury assessment and violence prevention strategies as well as an overview of relevant legal, ethical, societal, and policy issues.

"As I read through the book, I thought back to the patients and families I’ve worked with and realized that many of them were survivors of traumatic events — and I’ve never worked in an ED," said Critical Care-Emergency Nursing awards judge Sarah A. Delgado, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC. "[The book] reminds us that we, as health providers, can make an incredible difference in helping trauma victims."

Medical-Surgical Nursing awards judge Polly Gerber Zimmermann, MBA, MS, RN, CEN, FAEN added, "This book is a valuable resource for nurses of all levels in any area of clinical practice. After reading it, I gained a new perspective and valuable knowledge that I can use to help promote the best possible outcomes for my patients."

Nurse on BoardNurse on Board: Planning Your Path to the Boardroom was awarded second place in History and Public Policy.

The nurse’s voice is essential and critical to the governance of healthcare organizations. But why do nurses hold only a small fraction of positions on healthcare boards? With years of board leadership to her credit, author Connie Curran expertly provides the tools you need to attain and succeed in your first board role — advance into ever-greater board responsibilities.

Judge Sandra B. Lewenson, EdD, RN, FAAN called Nurse on Board "a concise and meaningful guide to helping nurses consider the importance of board membership... This user-friendly book stands out because it illustrates how nurses can position themselves on the boards of all kinds of organizations... [It] is a must-read — especially for those seeking to impact policy decisions at all levels."

High Reliability OrganizationsHigh Reliability Organizations: A Healthcare Handbook for Patient Safety & Quality was awarded second place in Professional Issues.

Patient safety and treatment quality are of increasing concern to the entire healthcare spectrum, from consumers to payers, providers, organizations, and governments. High Reliability Organizations presents practical examples of HRO principles in order to establish a system that detects and prevents errors from happening even in the most difficult, high-risk conditions. Authors Cynthia Oster and Jane Braaten provide healthcare professionals with tools and best practices that will improve and enhance patient safety and quality outcomes.

"The sections detailing organizational culture and just culture as necessary components in HROs speak to so many aspects of what’s wrong in health care and nursing," noted judge Pamela J. Haylock, PhD, RN, FAAN. "This is an invaluable resource — something that can help nurses and other providers fulfill the advocacy component of our professions."

Mastering Patient & Family EducationMastering Patient & Family Education: A Healthcare Handbook for Success was awarded third place in Community/Public Health/Home Health.

Patient and family health education (PFE) is an imperative aspect of modern-day caregiving. Mastering Patient & Family Education presents a model that moves PFE to a central part of a health system. Author Lori C. Marshall will guide you through every step of the process-from building a strong foundation for self-care management, to maximizing knowledge transfers through tools and technology, to establishing a health system approach for patient and family education.

AJN awards judge Laurie Gottlieb, PhD, RN said this book was "timely in light of recent changes in health care," and that it "Aligns with the values that are driving changes in the current health care system, and provides nurses with the approaches, knowledge, and tools needed to play a leading role in ushering in a new era of health care and promoting patient and family self-management."

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