Prime time is NOW!

James E. Mattson | 03/31/2016

To win at the game of life, you have to keep moving.

JEM fortune cookie image
I don’t live my life by fortune cookies, but I usually read the messages they contain. Recently, I took this one home as fodder for a future editor’s column, publication date unknown: “Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur.” Wise counsel, and it relates to exercising influence through lifelong learning, one of four themes in Catherine “Cathy” Catrambone’s presidential call to action: “Influence to advance global health and nursing.” She writes about it in her upcoming “From the president” column. Watch for it.
JEM author imageMost of us are familiar with a host of action-admonishing aphorisms, including carpe diem (seize the day), strike while the iron’s hot, no time like the present, and Nike’s trademarked “JUST DO IT.”
Nurse entrepreneur and STTI member Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, tells how a book by Susan Jeffers, Feel the fear … and Do It Anyway, encourages her to do things that invoke feelings of fear, self-doubt, and worry. “Instead of allowing these emotions to hold me back,” she writes, “I have chosen the path of self-growth and discovery.” Scala offers tips for building inner strength in Face your fear, and go for it!
In How to reclaim what attracted you to nursing,” nurse entrepreneur and STTI member Diane Sieg, RN, CYT, CSP, tells RNL readers: “Remembering why you do [what you do every day] makes it easier to keep on doing it. We know we didn’t get into this profession for the pay or the perks, so it’s unlikely that more money or more chocolate will renew, recharge, and reclaim our spirits.” What will do those things? Sieg provides 20 tips that will help nurses do what a survey of 2,000 RNs revealed many want to do: to connect, to further their education, to make a difference, and to be appreciated and recognized.
The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) will also help you do those things. In STTI: Personally and professionally life-changing,” Jordan Salvador, PhD, RN, a native of the Philippines who is a lecturer and clinical instructor at College of Nursing, University of Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, expresses appreciation for the career resources that STTI provides and tells readers: “Sigma Theta Tau International is not just a nursing organization but also a newfound family. I am sure that the honor society will continue to grow because of its passionate nursing leaders who believe in the potential of its members.”

During my marketing communication days at a Fortune 50 company, I contributed themes for two national sales incentive programs established by my division, both of which rewarded outstanding annual sales achievement with travel to exotic places and other benefits. The first theme, “It’s not where you are but where you are going,” used a compass graphic, and the second, “It’s your move,” a chess graphic. When Year 3 rolled around and the marketing director asked if I had another theme in my hopper, I jokingly responded, “Sure. It’s your move—again!” He chuckled and walked away, and I knew I’d have to dig deeper for inspiration.
But I wasn’t that far off the mark. The game of life, as in chess, isn’t won with one move. (In chess, two moves are the fewest possible to win, but that probably means you don’t have much competition, which is why they call a two-move checkmate Fool’s Mate.”) Usually, if you make just a few moves and think you’re done, you lose.
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James E. Mattson is editor of Reflections on Nursing Leadership.
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