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RNL Archive—1st Quarter 2010 (Vol. 36, No. 1)


Classroom with a (world)view
By Savitri Singh-Carlson
Exposure to diverse public health settings fosters student passion and understanding.

Yoga: A self-care option for nurses
By Diane Sieg
A former emergency-room nurse finds tranquility and improved health in yoga. (open access)

In pursuit of fitness: Nurses share their stories
By Jane Palmer
What keeps these nurses motivated may inspire you.

Too kind? Maybe it’s codependency.
By Barbara Oakley
There are millions of Sarahs in the world. Many of them become nurses.

This Nurses Week, say ‘thank you’ via RNL! 
Pay tribute to that special colleague by sharing your reflection. (open access)

Editor’s blog: RNL blog makes a Top 40 list
By James E. Mattson
Congratulations, Lori! (open access)

Editor’s blog: Are you RNL’n’?
By James E. Mattson
Here’s an easy way to get started. (open access)

First-to-knowers: 133 and counting
By James E. Mattson
Stay abreast of new RNL content via an RSS reader. (open access)

Counting nurses in a nursing shortage: What of the silent attrition?
By Angela Kydd
A former clinician proposes changing the way nurses are counted in the United Kingdom.

How many nurses will it take?
By Sarah H. Kagan
A gerontologist calls for vision, risk-taking and action to transform care of older people.

Social media: An innovative way to share nursing ideas
By Robert Fraser
It’s OK for nurses to be skeptical of social media, says the author, but it’s not OK to refuse to engage with new technology.

How can you say thanks?
By James E. Mattson
Send an open note of appreciation. (open access)

The sweet spot of civility: My story
By Cynthia Clark
At age 18, I was ill-equipped to deal with rude and demeaning teachers. (open access)

Why civility matters
By Cynthia Clark
Second in series on civility in nursing education and practice. (open access)


Celebrate 2010 International Year of the Nurse
By Patricia E. Thompson

Celebrating nursing
By Karen H. Morin

Patient noncompliance: Sally’s fault?
By Michael C. LaFerney

From ‘Why?’ to ‘Why not?’
By Vicki Baker, with Karen S. Hill

Where to find help when you need it: EIDM resources 
By Maureen Dobbins

‘Wings’ for the day 
By Kristene C. Diggins



Noteworthy briefs, A-H 

Noteworthy briefs, I-R

Noteworthy briefs, S-Z

New dean leads with a servant’s heart

Cancer and older adults: Book sheds light on what it is like to be old

Nurse practitioners bring Idaho nursing history to life 

Mary Rita Hurley honored for excellence in leadership

Frances Cleary, former Image editor, passes away


From the Society

Honor society welcomes new director of constituent services

STTI awarded NGO status by United Nations

Convention reflection: Tour of the Indiana Medical History Museum

STTI launches geriatric-pain Web site

365 ways to nourish the spirit of a critical-care nurse


Workload major source of dissatisfaction among Ugandan nurses

New Jersey nurses pick top physicians

Nurses help nurses with Haiti relief 

Technology helps hospital system lower costs and avoid errors

UN agency rushes maternal health supplies to Haiti 

Nursing college offers free webinars to help volunteers in Haiti 

CPMRC consortium wins National Academies Practice award 

Nearly three of 10 nurses plan to change career path ... soon! 


Restraint alternatives
By Jacquelin Nowicki

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